RM of Loreburn No. 254


The R.M. of Loreburn offers a wide range of services to its ratepayers. Regular routine road maintenance is of top priority. The Council also owns its own road building equipment which allows the municipality to build its own roads. Custom work is done by the patrols and the dozer upon request by taxpayers. Snow removal is done by the municipal work force.

The R.M. puts out a coloured map that shows all current assessment values, land owners and designates organic farmers.

All road maintenance work done by the R.M. equipment and its employees is to be
coordinated through the councilor for each division.

The municipality owns 4 graders. Grading of roads is done on a regular rotation basis with grid roads and high traffic roads receiving first priority. Council’s intention is to cover the municipality approximately every 14 days. However, during wet and dry spells the frequency of grading may be altered. Grader work is coordinated by the Council. The ratepayers first line of contact is with their division Councillor.

Each division Councillor sets gravelling priorities in his division and must have this part of his public works program approved by council. The municipalities main source of gravel comes from a gravel pit leased by the R.M. from Sask Agriculture and Food and is located in the E Section of 30-27-07 W3. The R.M. has also been buying gravel from a private contractor in the R.M. of Craik #222 for use in Division 1 and part of Division 2. The R.M. hauls gravel in the winter season and stockpiles 10,000 cubic yards in Division 1. The R.M. also does all their own gravel spreading. Our normal budget amount for gravel is $200,000.00. Councillors in Division 1 are allocated 3500 cubic yards, Division 2, and 4 are allocated 3200 cubic yards of gravel per year, Division 3 is allocated 1500 cubic yards, Division 5 is allocated 2600 and 6 is allocated 2500 cubic yards per year.

Council owns 2 Highline 15ft mowers. Council proposes to mow ditch tops twice annually. We usually start some time after June 15th depending on weather and the amount of moisture in the ditches. Ditch bottoms are done once a year in the late fall.

The municipality has 7 miles of primary grid road; 22 miles of grid road; 79 miles of main farm access; and approximately 200 miles of graveled road. This does not include the dirt trails.

The Division Councillor and the Administrator are responsible for administration of the designated road construction program and the supervision of the same.

The R.M. policy for the purchase of right-of-way is, the municipality pays market value of the assessed value of land.

The Rural Municipal Council will undertake the removal of snow utilizing the municipal equipment in the following priority:

  1. School bus routes.
  2. Heavy haul routes.
  3. Farm access and residential roads

The Municipality does custom snow removal as requested if time allows.

Authorized Snow Plow Clubs and individuals with snow plows may plow snow on municipal roads if requested by Council and if insurance application requirements are met. No compensation is made for this service.

During severe weather or temperatures below -30 degrees Celsius, the operators in consultation with Council, will determine whether or not municipal equipment will be used for snow removal.

Custom work is done for our ratepayers at the rates of:

$160.00/ hr with Patrol
$195.00/ hr with Dozer D6R
$250.00/ hr with Terex

$50/hr snow removal of private lanes.

Tree Planter Rental – free.

The policy for all custom work is that it will be done time permitting and upon request. There is a minimum charge of 1 hour on all custom work.

Rat Patrol

The municipality has its own Pest Control Officer. Should you require services or information, please call the Municipal office. We are attempting to provide ratepayers with this service to ensure any potential problems are taken care of.

The PCO does a spring and fall inspection of all agricultural buildings in the municipality. There is rat poison available through the PCO or the R.M. office at no charge for the ratepayers. Gopher poison is also available on a cost recovery basis.


SARM Plant Health Officers (PHO) have also been appointed by the R.M. to carry out the annual clubroot survey that they do for the whole province.

Division 5 PHO Chelsea Neuberger Ph. (306) 380-4526

Email: [email protected]

Clubroot Distribution PDF

The municipality has its own Weed Inspector. Should you require services or information, please call the Municipal Office.

We began spraying ditch tops in the fall of 2006. At present we have used both Glyphos 24D and glyhosgarmoxin. The purpose of this is to recover the shoulders of the roads from the grass that is creeping in. We are then hoping to be able to pull the shoulders in and retrieve some of the gravel. This will also assist in getting some crown back on some of our older roads.

The reports on this project have so far been very positive from land owners and council. We will begin spraying again some time in the spring season.

The municipality operates a Transfer Station that is located on NW 01-27-05 W3. It is open to R.M. of Loreburn residents, for disposal of domestic waste, wood and steel. There are designated sites for each type of waste and it must be sorted. The municipality has placed a red Loraas bin at the Transfer Station to help with the removal of items that cannot be put in the designated areas. The municipality does not accept tires, construction rubble, hazardous waste of any kind, concrete, used oil or containers at the site. Burning is prohibited at the transfer station. There is an employee of the RM that works at the transfer station to help with the selection of what can be taken in at the grounds.

Hours of Operation

January 1 – March 31: Saturdays 9 am to noon

April 1 – December 31: Tuesdays 1 pm to 5 pm & Saturdays 9 am to noon

The Municipality now has a Loraas Recycle bin at the nuisance grounds. Some items which may be placed in the recycle bin included: flattened corrugated cardboard and paperboard, newspapers, flyers, magazines, telephone books, brown paper bags, paper egg cartons, aluminum cans, milk cartons, juice cartons, plastic drinking bottles, and glass bottles. Do not bag or tie paper materials and clean and rinse containers. For more information contact the RM office.

Click here for information on what can and cannot be recycled.

The municipality owns and operates a tank loading facility on NE 11-27-05 W3. This site provides non-potable water for agricultural use by our taxpayers. There is a charge of $1.00 for 338 gallons of non-potable water.

Administrative Services

$20.00 per parcel

$20.00 per map

$500.00 per parcel

$0.15 per page (our paper), $0.10 per page (your paper)

In Province: 1st page- $2.00, $0.25 per page

Out of Province: 1st page- $4.00, $0.25 per page