RM of Loreburn No. 254

Council History

Retired administrator J. Alvin Forrest took on the project of assembling a list of all the individuals who served with the municipality and the years of their service. This plaque is updated yearly and kept in the municipal office as a permanent record honoring their service.

Past Reeves

1910-1912 George Potts
1913 W.H. Jay
1914 J.A. Riggs
1915 E.T. Child
1916-1918 Edgar Book
1919-1928 Thomas Jack
1929-1951 Edgar Book
1952-1968 W.A. Norrish
1969-1974 W.J. Jackson
1975-1998 Bruce Book
1999-2006 Stuart Ector
2007- 2022 Kevin Vollmer
2022 Brad Norrish

Past Administrators

Administrators are appointed by Council to the position of Administrator, which is the Chief Administrative Officer for the municipality.

1910-1913 R.A. Thompson
1913-1925 George Baldwin
1925-1941 Andy Harrison
1941-1967 W.A. Baker
1968-1992 J. Alvin Forrest
1992-2014 Nona Stronski
2015 Vanessa Tastad

Past Councillors